Have you been wondering about the changes taking place in the Edwin Brown Education Center Building? This year we are making some exciting changes! Program Supervisor, Karen Mitchell, talks about the changes and what we hope to accomplish this year at StepUp. Click here to listen to her recent interview!

Here is what Karen Mitchell had to say in addition to her interview:

“We were able to share some of the excitement this morning with KBND news radio about our upcoming changes with Step”UP at Edwin Brown Education Center.

With it being a brief interview, we wanted to provide a few more details:
– We will have the same amount of staff on campus that we have had previously, the staffing will now all be through Redmond School District instead of routed through the ESD. We will be using our staff to support differently (district-wide) rather than only on our campus.
– We will be meeting with each Redmond School District campus monthly to provide support and to problem solve the best supports for students. It will always be the goal of the team to provide support on the student’s campus as much as possible, if the student requires supports through StepUP, it will be determined through collaborative meetings with the campus and parents/guardians of the student.
– We will continue to house the Transition program that serves our students ages 18-21 years old. StepUP Transition supports students on-campus, in the community and at college to learn the vital skills in order to transition successfully to independent or supported adulthood depending on their individual needs.
– StepUP’s Social-Emotional Support programs will be open to students that demonstrate the need for intense interventions and support regardless of whether or not they qualify for Special Education Services.
– We also will continue to house students that have been expelled and will be providing similar support for these students as they transition back to their home campus as applicable. 

Please let us know if you have additional questions. We are very excited about the upcoming school year!”