Vision & Mission

Redmond School District & StepUP Vision:

Thriving Students, Engaged Community, Ready Graduates

StepUP Mission:

At StepUP, we support students to overcome individual barriers to success by helping them build skills and connections which enable them to be successful, authentic and empowered members of their communities.



Building – Support students through a trauma-informed lens in their growth of social, emotional, behavioral and academic skills, enabling students to overcome individual barriers and gain independence, fully accessing their home camus.

District- Build capacity to support students with Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) lagging skills in the least restrictive environment through purposeful continuum of services.

Community – Build trusting and collaborative relationships with families, community members and staff who work with our target population. Provide timely and relevant communication to all stakeholders.

StepUP Information

 You might ask, what is StepUP and what happened to “Brown”? While we are still located at Edwin Brown Education Center, we have renamed all of our programs under the umbrella of StepUP.  You will even see an awesome new sign above our door! In the spring of 2018, our systems of support for social-emotional interventions were completely redesigned and with big changes a new name was chosen to help shift perspectives and thoughts around our building and what ‘used to be’.

At StepUP, we serve students from Kindergarten through age 21 in three different programs. 

  • StepUP Transition serves students 18-21 years old who experience a disability and encounter barriers to securing competitive employment, living independently, or both. We provide skills-based instruction, job experience, and coaching, and teach our adult students how to recreate as healthy adults. 
  • NextSTEPS offers educational supports for individuals who  have been expelled from a Redmond School District campus.. 
  • We have three Social-Emotional Learning Programs for kindergarten through 12th grade. These programs are broken into grade levels, kindergarten through 3rd grade, 4th through 7th grade and 8th through 12th grade.While these programs are designed to provide intense interventions for struggling students, our team provides support on students’ home campuses, coaches students through transition back to home campuses, and engage in brainstorming with campuses for preventative supports.

At StepUP, we believe that all kids do well if they can, and if they are not currently successful we focus on specific skills to help students unlock their own potential.  We strive to meet students where they are and build their skills and confidence to StepUP to success. Whether we are working on job readiness, independent living, or social skills, the StepUP philosophy remains the same. We #be THE difference for our students so that they can #be THE difference on their campuses, homes and community. We collaborate with families and community partners to provide the most robust supports possible in an effort to ensure success for all students in school and beyond.

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